Beesynth is basically an app and a synth you can build at home. The app has 3 modes. Two of them are more focused for children to learn music. The first mode (rookie) makes visuals with colors corresponding to each note, so kids can learn music theory remembering the color. This is possible thanks to a study made by Neil Harbisson where he correlated sound and color wavelengths.

The second mode is for older kids. There is a canvas, divided in 9 squares, where you can drag and drop 3 percussion instruments (bassdrum, snare, hihat) to create simple rhythms to play along (think of the smart drums from garageband).

The third mode was designed for adults, musicians and programmer hybrids in mind. This mode is based in processing, and is open source, so people could upload their sketches to adapt it to their needs. It comes with a pre-installed oscilloscope screen that I coded.

Each mode would have an info button that would show the possibilities of connecting different bits as well as a recommended setups.

The app was designed for Ipad, the first animations are made using processing. The idea of the app was to show kids that the can convine the technology and the screens with analog instruments. The Ipad is just an easy way to teach music to the kids.

White iPad MockUpWhite iPad MockUp2

The web was designed and build  the web to order the instrument and for the people to meet Beesynth. You can visit it at